If you are looking to book a cat vaccination, please be aware that there is an ongoing shortage of some cat vaccines affecting all UK Veterinary practices. Please contact us for advice.


Honest and up-front pricing


  Standard Price
Consultation £56.00

Please note that standard out of hours consultations are eligible to higher fees.


Castration Standard Price
Dog £280.00
Dog, Laparoscopic £690.00 - £730.00
Cat £104.00
Rabbit £145.00


Spaying Standard Price
Dog < 25kg £375.00
Dog < 25kg, Laparoscopic £610.00
Dog > 25kg £425.00
Dog > 25kg, Laparoscopic £670.00
Dog > 45kg £465.00
Dog > 45kg, Laparoscopic £690.00
Cat £154.00
Rabbit £190.00

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Dog Standard Price
Vaccination DHP/LP, 1st dose £70.00
Vaccination DHP/LP, 2nd dose £65.00
Booster DHP/LP £73.00
Kennel Cough £49.00
Kennel Cough, done with other vaccination £34.00
Parvovirus £36.00


Cat Standard Price
Vaccination FELV/TRICAT, 1st dose £72.00
Vaccination FELV/TRICAT, 2nd dose £67.00
Booster FELV/TRICAT £74.00
Vaccination TRICAT, 1st dose £67.00
Vaccination TRICAT, 2nd dose £62.00
Booster TRICAT £68.00


Rabbit Standard Price
Vaccination Myxo/RHD plus £84.00


Other Standard Price
Rabies Vaccination £91.00

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  Standard Price
Nail Clip, Dog & Cat £28.00
Empty Anal Glands £37.00
Microchipping £37.50

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